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5 reasons to offer free crochet patterns

The benefits of publishing free crochet patterns

As a crochet pattern designer you may wonder whether it is worth publishing free patterns. While it may seem counterintuitive to give your work away for free, there are several benefits to publishing free crochet patterns that can help you expand your business and reach a wider audience.

Greater visibility

By offering free patterns, you can attract a larger audience and increase the visibility of your work. This can lead to more sales of your paid crochet patterns and other related products. For example, you can find out if people who try your free patterns are more likely to buy your paid patterns in the future.

Build a reputation

By publishing free patterns, you can showcase your skills and establish yourself as a reliable designer. This can help you build a loyal customer base and increase your trustworthiness in the crochet community. If people see that you offer high-quality free patterns, they may be more inclined to use your paid patterns as well.

Attract new customers

Free patterns can be a great way to attract new customers and introduce them to your work. Many people are more likely to try a pattern if it is offered for free, and this may lead to future purchases of your paid patterns. Plus, free patterns can be shared on social media and other platforms, helping you reach a wider audience.

Drive customer loyalty

Offering free patterns can show your appreciation for your customers and encourage them to continue to support your work. This can lead to increased loyalty and repeat business. You can also use free patterns to reward your most loyal customers or as a way to thank them for their support.

Test new ideas

Publishing free patterns can also be a useful way to test new ideas and see how they are received by your audience. This can help you gauge interest in certain types of patterns or techniques and can inform your future paid patterns.

While it may take some time and effort to create and promote free patterns, the long-term benefits can be worth it. By publishing free crochet patterns, you can increase your exposure, build your reputation, attract new customers and increase customer loyalty. Have fun crocheting!

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