In 3 stappen jouw bereik groeien met de unieke patronen link

Grow your reach in 3 steps with the unique patterns link

Who you share your patterns with, how often they are shared and where your patterns are shared all have an impact on increasing your reach. There are many blogs, websites, publishers and social media accounts that are more than happy to tell you something about your pattern. You have created a unique and trendy pattern and they are very eager to show it off to their audience. How do you do this the easiest and how do you ensure that you increase your own reach by sharing your patterns? This is very easy with the unique pattern link from Yarnsea.

1. Upload your pattern on Yarnsea and copy the unique link

After uploading your pattern you will see a button to go to the link. When you press this button you will immediately see the unique link for your pattern. Copy this link so you can use it later.

2. Share the link with bloggers, on your website and on social media

After you have copied the link it is possible to share it with anyone interested in sharing your patterns. You may know some popular blogs, social media channels or other websites. When you send the unique link of your pattern to one of these parties, it is possible for them to place it on their website in an article, post or blog. A crocheter or knitter who would like to use your pattern clicks on the link and can download your pattern. We keep track of who downloads your pattern, even if it is on a website other than your own.

Note: Only share links of patterns that are free. Patterns you want to get paid for should not be shared with the unique link. Sending links to paid patterns is under development.

3. Find out who uses your patterns

Your reach will now grow automatically. Every time your pattern is downloaded via someone else's blog, website or social media, your reach grows. For example, it is later possible to send an update of the pattern, to inform your community of new patterns and to gain insight into which pattern is the most popular.

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