Ebrine - A new creative year

New pattern

First of all I wish you all the best for 2022. May it be a beautiful and creative year.

After koala Joey I started designing again. This time it has become a meerkat, named Stijn.

The inspiration for Stijn came from my youngest daughter. One of her favorite animals is a meerkat. She asked me if I wanted to design one. And so I did.

At the moment I am working out the pattern and it will be tested. After that the pattern will be for sale, so keep an eye on my Instagram account.

New puppy in the house

Last October we had to put our 10 year old Dutch Shepherd to sleep. We miss him enormously.

We wanted to take in a new puppy this fall, but unexpectedly our plans changed. In December we were approached by a breeder that, after 4 days, a puppy came back to her and that she was urgently looking for a new home. We briefly thought about this and 3 weeks ago we went to get Bram. He is now 11 weeks old.

I had forgotten how laborious a puppy is. Besides my work and Bram's upbringing, there isn't much time left for crocheting.N

But new patterns will certainly follow, only the design pace is somewhat slower for the time being.

I will keep you informed via Instagram and this blog.

Regards, Ebrine

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