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To design

As I wrote in my previous blog, I started designing amigurumi since the beginning of this year. My first design was penguin Floortje. She is named after my youngest daughter Floor. I based the design on a drawing she made last year.

The pattern of penguin Floortje can be downloaded for free on my site. You can find the link for this on my instagram account: @kroeliez.

Duckling Charlie

After designing the penguin I got a taste for it. On the advice of a Belgian wool shop I designed a duck called Charlie. This was my second crochet design.

The intention was that the wool shop would put together packages in combination with this pattern.

Unfortunately, it did not get off the ground and eventually the cooperation there stagnated.

Koala Joey

After Charlie, I still wanted to continue designing. In my previous blog I wrote that I was working on a new design. This is now done.

Inspired by a children's drawing that my eldest daughter had received from her babysitter, I designed koala Joey. I made a set of them. The pattern consists of a koala hug, a rattle and a cuddle cloth. Before I publish the pattern, I will have it tested by different crocheters and crocheters.

I made a call for this via my instagram account. The pattern has recently been tested and approved. I have already published it. If you are interested in the pattern, please contact me via instagram: @kroeliez.

Until the next blog.

This one will be in the new year, so I wish you a Merry Christmas and a good start to 2022!


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