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5 tips for a creative boost or if you suffer from a m(h)akers block

Maybe you know it. You want to crochet or design something, but you have no idea what. Or everything you think of does not go the way you want. You are frustrated because others make such fun things and always seem to have inspiration. Whoa stop! I totally recognize it. I've had a period when I had no inspiration at all and didn't feel like being creative. I even dreaded it and that while I prefer to be creative from an early age. Making and creating things makes me happy and completely relaxed. In that period I was lived and I had no room in my head for new things and, in my opinion, no time to be creative. That had to change. Fortunately, that happened. Step by step I got inspiration and a creative boost again. In this blog I give you 5 tips on how to get back into a creative flow, so that you can enjoy making m(h)aking again.

Hint 1: Have a good look in your stash

Get clear for yourself what you still have in terms of materials. Organize your yarn, for example by type or color. You might find something you forgot you had. It may bring back fond memories. Oh yes, I bought this yarn there and there, I wanted to make this... and I got these balls from them, that combines nicely with this.... You probably understand, that some ideas are slowly coming up again come. You don't even have to actually make anything yet, the anticipation is already fun and you will definitely feel like making something with the balls you've had in your hands. Also dive into your crochet books that you have laying around. Check them out, you might come across nice stitches or patterns that you can do something with.

Tip 2: Just do it!

Just go make something. It doesn't have to have a purpose or be pretty. For example, crochet a patch in a certain stitch. Something you don't have to think much about, or practice a nice stitch that you've seen once. A granny square is always fun to make. You can do that in 1 color or multiple colors, just what you feel like. You probably have some leftovers. Check which color you want to use per round. So just make a simple square or rectangular patch so that you can work with your hands. Don't think for a while, but do!

Tip 3: Do not start with the end result as a starting point

What can also help is to let go of the end result. Of course you want to make something beautiful and with some designs it is useful to know what it will eventually look like, especially if you work with certain dimensions. But actually the process, the creation, is more important than the end result, right? I love to get closer and closer to the end result while making. At the moment I'm working on a new design of which I don't know exactly what it will look like yet. In general, of course. I have the yarn, I know the colors and that I want it to consist of different parts and stitches. I just started with a first idea and along the way I get inspiration for color combinations and stitches. Of course I run the risk of having to change things, adjust or take things out, but is that a bad thing? I am confident that it will be a very cool design and I try to enjoy the process and the creation of something beautiful. So dare to play and make by feeling. Create from your heart.

Tip 4: Follow a workshop

Do you enjoy making things with others? Follow a fun workshop. See if there are workshops in your area. Now that the corona measures are increasingly relaxed, the workshops are also getting started. Maybe there is a certain stitch or technique that you still want to learn? By making things together with others you are stimulated and you can learn from each other and inspire each other. You get away from it all and you learn something new. You can then continue working with this at home, or maybe you will get new inspiration to make something in the technique or stitch you have learned.

Tip 5: Schedule time and reward yourself

I really want to crochet, but I don't have time! Then it is important to make time, even if it is twenty minutes. Go, grab your agenda and schedule time for yourself. A moment for yourself in which you really start crocheting. Make sure you have your things ready the day before, so that you can really get started and not be distracted by anything else. Because before you know it, that me-time moment will be over in no time and afterwards you'll be bummed that you haven't really gotten around to crocheting yet. Don't be too hard on yourself. It doesn't have to be right and perfect all at once. Plan a new moment right away. You can create better from rest, so don't rush it in between. Take and really take your time. Have you made or completed anything? Treat yourself to something delicious, or start looking for new yarn for your next project. And show your work on social media. Always nice to get compliments from others and also nice to get useful tips. This is how you stay motivated.

Hopefully these tips will help you. Good luck and m(h)akfun!

Creative greetings,


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