Eline - The end result

The end result

Are you also curious about the end result of the pillow? I was very curious myself if the idea I had was really going to work. And whether it would turn out the way I imagined it. Maybe you've already seen the photo(s) pass by? Anyway, I'm super happy with it! A pillow inspired by a pillow I have at home on my valve sofa, with nice bright colors. But first I will tell you how I made the other side of the pillow and what I did with the edge.

Last time I wrote that I wanted to make the other side of the pillow with granny squares. I made 16 granny squares, all in the same color order. Nice and simple, but with a nice result I think. So it is a nice quiet whole. I connected the squares with slip stitches in the color Brick, which is nice for the contrast and also fits the retro look. Because you have some open spaces / holes at the granny squares, I sewed a piece of white fabric behind it (by hand). I think that's a bit nicer myself and now you won't see the inner cushion so much.

The edge

And now the edge. Well… what do I do with all those wire ends?! I thought: if I crochet a border around the mosaic part and a border around the granny squares, and crochet both parts together with another border… Then all threads are neatly concealed on the inside of the cushion. So I cut all the threads short; Make sure to tie knots in it first so that they are firmly attached. I first worked a row of slip stitches in the first stitches of the mosaic rows on the sides. Then I worked single crochets in the back loops of the slip stitches (the top and bottom already had a row of single crochets). And then I crocheted the whole pillow around double crochets. The thread ends are now neatly concealed behind the double crochets. With the granny squares I first worked a row of single crochets on all sides and then a row with double crochets.

I joined the two parts with the lobster stitch. You crochet single crochets, but in the other direction. In my case clockwise. You will then get a subtle ribbed edge. When I had to crochet one more side, I tucked in the inner cushion and crocheted the last piece together. And tadaa, the kiss is finished! Yes, let's see how it looks at my rattan chair, for which I made the cushion. It fits perfectly! Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you the name of the pillow. That has become the 'Retro squares cushion'. Or in Dutch: Retro square pillow. It sounds a bit more fun in English right?!

Usually when I make pillows I sew a zipper in them. If I would like to wash the cover, I can easily remove the inner cushion. But I didn't see that with this cover, since the yarn is a bit thicker and I don't know if the needle of the sewing machine is suitable for that. I'm not that experienced with a sewing machine, haha. This time I grabbed an inner cushion that can also be washed in the washing machine; if I want to wash the pillow, I can do so (at a low temperature).

Work out pattern

Now I can start working out the pattern. On the Stitch fiddle site I had already made a counting pattern for the mosaic part. This is very handy to use while crocheting, you can see exactly which color to use. By the way, did you know that you can make all kinds of crochet diagrams on this site? Really very handy. I made notes in my notebook while crocheting. That comes in handy now. I also took several photos that I can use with the pattern

The pattern of the Retro squares cushion will soon be available on the Yarnsea site. You will soon be able to compile your own crochet book here with crochet patterns from different designers, how nice is that?! So you can also add my pattern to your composite crochet book. If you are interested in a loose crochet pattern (a PDF file), you can always send me a message, via email: info@allerleimooisvaneline.nl or Instagram: @allerleimooisvaneline. Here I will share more pictures of the pillow in the coming time and let you know when the pattern is available.

So keep an eye on my Instagram and the Yarnsea site! I'm curious what you think of the pillow! What color combination would you make the pillow in?



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