Eline - The end result

The end result of the shawl

First of all I want to wish you a beautiful, healthy and creative 2022!

The past few weeks I have continued with the shawl and it is finished! Last time I wrote that I wanted to make it nice and big, unfortunately that didn't quite work out. Or well, he would have liked a little bigger from me. I had ordered 3 balls of the color Off White (the base color) and guessed that it would be enough. When I was working on the third ball, I saw it getting smaller and smaller and I felt it coming that I just wouldn't have enough. I doubted whether I would order another scoop with it. In the end I left it at three balls.

If you really want to wear it as a wrap around your shoulders, it's big enough. If you want to wear the wrap as a scarf, with the point at the front, the point is nice and spacious. But the triangle could have been a bit wider, so that the two points on the outsides would also be a bit longer. Oh well, by doing you learn and for me it's something I can take into account next time. It doesn't matter for the pattern. In it I describe that you can make the shawl as big as you want, you repeat the rows every time. For a spacious shawl I recommend using four balls of Off White.

After crocheting I first started blocking the shawl, this will give it a nice shape. I usually do this by pinning the work on a foam mat/yoga mat and spraying it thoroughly wet.

Then I started making the fringes. I tied off the threads on the sides alternately, I left the others and made the fringes on these places. Last time I wrote that I was thinking about a name for the shawl. I still stick with the last option I came up with; 'The Color popping bobbles scarf'. I am also curious how the shawl will look in other color combinations. It has been given a retro look and the alternation of dots and squares gives it a nice effect. I think the back also looks nice. I am happy with the end result! How do you think he turned out?


I'm already thinking about the next design. But before I start something new, I like to have worked out the pattern of the shawl first. That is often quite a job. The question is whether I will be able to crochet and blog in the near future. I have exciting and new plans for the coming months. I'm going to start as an independent entrepreneur and I'm going to follow a short course. Looking forward to it, but you will probably understand that this takes a lot of time and energy. In any case, after the somewhat larger projects, the pillow and the shawl, I will opt for slightly smaller projects. In any case, there is no shortage of ideas. I'll keep you informed!



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