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What are your favorite colors? Do you often use the same colors in your crochet projects?

Are those bright colors or are they a bit muted? Are they light or dark? I've always had a fascination for color and I like to see that everyone has their own preference. I myself love to play with color, and to make and try out different combinations. You can go so many ways with it. For a crochet project, but also with clothing and in your interior.

Color attracts attention. Color is energy, emotion and has meaning. The use of color is important for the appearance of your crochet work and for yourself. You often don't realize how much effect color has on your own feeling and mood, but also on that of others. A brown scarf has a different look than a red scarf, for example. You can probably imagine that if you wear a brown scarf, you feel different about it than if you wore a red scarf. If you enter a place wearing bright and cheerful clothes, people will react differently to you than if you enter in black.

For whom?

Do you find it difficult to choose the right colors for your crochet project? Then first think about what or for whom you are making it. If you make something for someone else, you can of course always ask what colors that person likes. Or see which colors the person uses or often wears at home. With one project, a few colors are more beautiful, or even one color. With the other project, a colorful mix can be very nice. That has to do with your taste and preference, but also with what you make and what kind of pattern you use.

If you want to keep it calm, use natural or pastel shades. Ton-sur-ton, can also be very beautiful (different shades of one color). Can it be more striking? Then use clear, bright shades and combine different colors with each other. If you're working with a particular theme, you could Google that theme or search it on Pinterest. Then you will probably see beautiful colors passing by that match that theme. Then look at the colors you see most often. Choose a maximum of 4 or 5 colors for your crochet work, to prevent it from becoming a hodgepodge. You can also use 1 or more main colors and 1 to 3 accent colours. The main colors are the most important and are the most present. With 1 or a few accent colors you make it surprising and playful. These are less present in your crochet.

Color factor

Consciously and unconsciously, color has always played an important role in my creative studies and work as a visual merchandiser, which I did for years. Lately, through a training as a personal strength coach, I have started to delve more into the meaning of colors and how you can consciously use colors for more happiness and success. I find it super interesting! Color allows you to get to know yourself better, so that you make the right choices to grow as a person and make your life better. If you wear the colors that suit you well, it will have a positive effect on your feelings and behavior. You have more self-confidence and you dare to take more risks, so that you can achieve and mean more. In short, this is, among other things, what I help others with with my company Color Factor. Empower yourself through color and creativity. Everyone deserves to be and show the best version of themselves!

Are you curious, do you want to know more? Maybe I can do something for you? Then take a look at Instagram at @kleurfactor. (My site is still under construction, but the basis is online, see: www.kleurfactor.nl)

If there is enough interest, I could give a workshop on using color for your crochet projects. If you like that, let me know via my Instagram crochet account @allerleimooisvaneline or someone from Yarnsea. Please indicate what you are running into or what you would like to know/learn. Then I'll see if I can do something with it. Who knows, I can design a matching crochet pattern for it, which we can work with in the workshop. Sounds like fun!

Colorful greetings,


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