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In recent weeks I have been working on the shawl, my latest design. When I wrote the previous blog, I thought I would have finished the shawl by now. But I've also been busy with other projects, so things didn't go as quickly with the shawl as I thought. I worked out the pattern of the Retro Squares Cushion. If you are interested in the pattern, it is available from me. I am also crocheting a cardigan from beautiful mohair balls that I bought on holiday in Belgium. Unfortunately I just ran out of yarn to finish the sleeves. That is a disadvantage if you first buy yarn and then look for a pattern. I have now found yarn that is close to the one I used, so I can finish the cardigan. That's good, I can put it on now that it's getting colder outside.

A shawl also comes in handy now. If I just keep going... I want to make it nice and big, so you can crawl into it. I've come a long way already. It will be a triangular shawl. I started at the bottom with the dot. Every row I increase with a few stitches. The bigger the shawl gets, the longer you will be working on a row. I'm happy with how it looks so far. It is a wonderful crochet, not too complicated to make, but also not boring because of the variety of stitches and colors. The stitches I use are double crochets, bobbles and chains, which gives a super fun effect. It also becomes soft and supple, which is also important for a shawl! When I have the shawl in the desired size, I add fringes.


In the meantime I was thinking about what I'm going to call the shawl. I was reminded of the game of 3 in a row, because you always have 3 bubbles next to each other and 3 bubbles on top of each other. The bumps in red and orange tones remind me of berries, so I thought of 'Berries all around me shawl' or 'Wrap me up with berries'. But then it occurred to me that if you make the shawl in other colors, the berries don't make any sense. I could then replace the word berries with bobbles. I also thought of 'In my pleasure' and 'Color popping bobbles shawl'. Enough ideas, I think it will be the last name, but I'm not quite sure yet. If you have a nice idea for a name that fits my shawl, let me know. Who knows, I might even use that name!

Pattern creator

I hope to start working out the pattern soon. Yarnsea has developed the pattern creator, with which you can create and work out crochet patterns. I may go and test this and try it out, I'm curious. When I have worked out the pattern, I look for one or more crocheters who want to test crochet the pattern of the shawl. If you're already thinking: 'That sounds like fun!', send me a message on Instagram at: @allerleimooisvaneline.

I continue crocheting on the shawl and on my cardigan. In the next blog I hope to share the end result of the shawl with you! I think that will be in the new year. How fast time flies! I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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