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A new design

First of all I would like to thank you all for the nice comments on the Retro Squares Cushion. I've almost worked out the pattern, but still need to dot some i's and cross the t's. As soon as the pattern is available, I will let you know on my Instagram account. You may have already seen that I am making the cushion a second time, in a different color combination: Tropical Green and Mint, with Curry as accent color. I love these colours! With the pattern you get an overview of color combinations in which you could also make the pillow. For when you're looking for inspiration. Handy, right?!


In the meantime I also started a new design. I already had ideas for a shawl and for a wall hanger. In a poll in my stories I asked you: what should I go for? Most votes went to the shawl. Of course that fits well with autumn and the colder days that are coming, so I came up with something really nice. Though I say so myself. I mainly got my inspiration from an old photo of a blanket that I once came across on Pinterest. The photo has a bit of a 1970s vibe. The blanket had a combination of filet crochet open squares and several color blocks of rows of bobbles. Difficult to explain, but I thought it had a very nice look because of the variety.

I got inspiration for the shape and the colors I want to use from a triangular shawl I once bought at a vintage shop, in the colors cream and rusty brown. For my design I like to use the autumnal shades of red, brown and orange. Not only because it fits the season, but also because I like those warm colors together. And yes, I'm going for a bit of a retro look again. It will be - just like the shawl that inspired me - a triangular shawl and I want to do something with fringes; I think that would be nice to complete the picture.

First I started brainstorming again and wrote down some keywords. After that I started making sketches and soon I knew what kind of pattern I want to use. I gathered some yarn to make some test pieces, to see what my idea looks like in real life. I first made a square patch and then started looking at how I could make it in the shape of a triangle. I soon managed to find a good relationship. It will be a shawl with a simple base and surprising color pops. Are you curious yet?


Once I knew what kind of design I wanted to make, I could start looking for yarn. I prefer to use soft and supple yarn, not too thick. You usually use a shawl regularly, so it's nice if you can handle the yarn easily and it doesn't fluff too much. I was thinking merino or alpaca wool. I prefer to see and feel the yarn before I buy it. That's why I prefer not to buy yarn online, also because the colors can look different on a screen. However, this time I took a gamble and ordered the yarn from a web shop. I saw a nice offer coming by and immediately saw that it is available in various beautiful autumn shades. In addition, there was an extensive description and many photos, including items made with that yarn. That gave a good picture. With other brands I couldn't find the colors I was looking for, or they were much more expensive.

I chose Hobbii's Easy Care yarn, 100% merino wool, suitable for needles 3 to 3.5. It is nice and soft, itch-free and suitable for daily use. You can wash it at 40 degrees. For the base of the shawl I chose the color Off White, and for the color pops the colors Dark Rusty, Red Ocher and Burnt Sienna. Beautiful red, rust brown, orange tones.

I've already made a small start and it makes me very excited. The pattern crochets wonderfully. It is a pattern repeat where you increase a few stitches in each row. Sometimes you have to count well, but it's not too complicated thinking. A wonderful project to get started with now that it's getting darker and bleaker outside. I'm fine with it. In the meantime I'm making some notes for working out the pattern. In the photo you can see a small preview. I look forward to sharing the end result with you!

Until the next blog (...or on Instagram @allerleimooisvaneline)!

warm autumn greetings,


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