Het einde van het jaar

The end of the year

My own crochet book

Here I am again with a new blog. And how quickly time has passed! I released my book Mosaic crochet at Yarnsea and I was allowed to stand on the Kreavak with them. That was great fun! Met nice people and had a nice day.

Next week I have a small book party and then I have more time to think about everything and.... a next book ;-) And I'm going to think about December.

First, of course, we have Sinterklaas. But there is so much commotion about that every year that I'm starting to like it less. And that's a shame. I have wonderful memories of this party. You can also find the first pepernoten in stores in September. They are nice, but I think that's really too early.
And Christmas comes at the end of the month. Christmas is always a special time for me. I think, just a little extra, of the people who are no longer with me. And when I drive home in the dark, I look forward to the candles that I can burn later. When it's cold I fantasize about that nice big cup of chocolate milk with whipped cream. And don't forget the Christmas songs you hear on the radio (yes, I have that one channel in the car all day long where you only hear Christmas songs, sing along!). A Christmas tree, all those lights in the dark, I can enjoy it so much. You can also watch all kinds of Christmas movies on TV throughout the month of December. They all start and end almost the same, but it's still so much fun to watch. Those are wonderful evenings.

But sometime in September or October.... then I'm already starting to think about one
advent calendar. I love an advent calendar! Opening a package every day, a small party every day. So I start in time to see who all offer an advent calendar and which one appeals to me the most. And then of course I look at the calendars that have to do with crochet or yarn. You can find these at many large craft stores. Others are also nice, but of course I'm not looking for those as a crochet addict haha.

Advent calendar

Are you already familiar with advent calendars? They really come in various shapes and sizes, but also in different price ranges. The calendars that are filled with "crochet stuff" are usually pricey and run up to a hundred euros. Quite a lot of money, especially in this time with all those price increases. And the calendars with yarns are often even more expensive. But until now I have given myself an advent calendar as a gift every year. Just because I could and it made me very happy. But I also understand that a lot of people can't buy that. And now I have to say, this year I haven't ordered one either. And why not? I'm very picky this year. I have plenty of yarn in stock and all

I actually already have some tricks that you can use. Unwrapping a present every day is very nice. And yet, I don't think I'm going to do it this year.

But an advent calendar doesn't have to be expensive! Do you know that you can also easily make an advent calendar yourself? Or crochet. Leftover yarn is ideal for this. Because it doesn't always have to be red, white and green.
You can find different patterns on the internet. For example, you can crochet bags and embroider a number on them. Or you can draw a cord (there are also knitting mills for this) and use it for the letters. You can make a tapestry with bags and all kinds of Christmas figures on it. But there are also patterns of an Advent star or Advent tree. And that is of course also fun. You can easily make your own advent calendar and put a small gift or candy in each bag. And it doesn't have to be expensive at all. Unpacking or opening the box or bag is already a party in itself. So let your creativity loose!

I'm curious about whether you make or buy an advent calendar, will you let me know? And if I still tack, you'll hear from me.

creative love,


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