Hoe maak je tijd voor je handwerk?

How do you make time for your crafts?

Own company

I started my own company on August 9th. This is not craft related. And notice that all my energy and time goes into this. Which of course makes sense because you are after all starting up your business. I notice that I'm less likely to grab my handiwork. Not like before I start my business
I used to do crafts all day long.

Crochet time

But how do I keep my handiwork fun? I turn on the kettle. In the meantime I light the candles, turn on the television and look up a nice series. Meanwhile the water is boiled and I make a delicious cup
tea for myself. I plop down on the couch and unnoticed I grab my handiwork. Even if it's just an hour, because there are still quite a few projects that have to be finished

And this is how I make sure that I still enjoy crafting!

Much love, Melissa

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