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I would like to introduce myself. I'm Ebrine, and I live with my husband, 2 daughters and dachshund Simon in Zoetermeer.

I have been crocheting since the end of 2016. On the advice of a colleague, who also crocheted, I went to watch videos on YouTube. I had never crocheted before, so thought it was quite a thing. Because I thought I couldn't. I still had a crochet hook and some wool lying around and started practicing. Soon I got the hang of it and started searching the internet for free crochet patterns. I came across a pattern of a lamb. Not the easiest pattern to start with, but I persevered and it worked.

This was the beginning of my crochet adventure.


Since I actually crochet almost every day, I liked to share all my crochet work with others. I opened an account on Facebook and opened an account on Instagram. First under the name Ebrine. But I actually wanted a nice name for this account. Ultimately, this has become Kroeliez. I mainly crochet amigurumi. But also blankets, teething rings / rattles and key chains. Sometimes I sell something from stock and occasionally I get a request to crochet something.

Crocheting works like therapy for me and is relaxing.


A few months after I started crocheting, I came into contact with someone who crocheted soft toys for children who are in hospital or in the ER. My daughters were already provided with a number of cuddly toys crocheted by me, so I already received a nice supply. I then donated a number of hugs for this charity. He soon indicated that he wanted to stop. I then took over from her. So now I manage Troostknuffels-Nederland. There is an account on both Instagram and Facebook.

We now only crochet for the children of the hospital where I work. I regularly receive crocheted cuddly toys from others and I regularly deliver them to the children's department and the emergency room. Very grateful and fun to do.

To design

At the beginning of this year I participated in a design competition of a well-known wool shop. I had never designed an amigurumi before. The assignment was to make a design of a penguin with a ball of black, white and orange yarn and 2 teether flippers. I took the plunge and took part in this. I made it through the first selection and finally, with the help of the public's votes, I won this design competition.

Since then I have had a taste for design. I also designed a duckling and I am currently designing yet another new pattern. The developments for this will soon be followed via this blog.

Creative greetings, Ebrine

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