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Who am I?

Hey hi. I would like to introduce myself. I am Eline, 36 years old and I live with my husband Gertjan in Zwolle. I have been creative from an early age. I was always coloring, crafting or making something. Around the age of thirteen I learned to crochet from my mother, I thought it would be fun to crochet my own scarf and that was my first crochet project. The scarf started nice and wide and ended up a little narrower, haha, maybe something more novice crocheters recognize?! But luckily you didn't see much of that when you had the scarf on.

I did a lot of crochet in my college days. Things for my own student room and cushion covers and a blanket for others. I especially enjoyed learning and trying out stitches. Sometimes I made something according to a pattern and sometimes I messed around and came up with something myself. Then I kept going until I was satisfied with it.

When I started work, I didn't have much time left to get creative. And there have been times when I dreaded it and didn't feel like making anything. I was exhausted, there were no ideas and I already found it a hassle to collect materials. This had to change! Because I also knew that if I started making space and time for it, the creative flow would come back by itself. Two years ago I picked up the thread again, literally and figuratively.


When I once again had a crochet hook in my hands, it started to itch again and I immediately felt like crocheting something again. And from that moment on I haven't stopped!

I thought it would be fun to share my creations with others and to follow other creatives to get inspired. I then started my Instagram account @allerleimooisvaneline. A world opened up for me, say. So many fun creative people who make beautiful things. So nice to see all those creations! I hope to inspire others myself. I like to challenge myself and learn more and more different techniques and stitches. I started working with amigurumi, with entrelac crochet, file crochet, the tapestry technique and relief sticks. It's so nice that you can do so many things with crochet.

Design crochet patterns

What I like to crochet the most are accessories and home decoration items. I like to play with color and color combinations. A few months ago I started to design my own crochet patterns. So far I have designed a flag line and a scarf. In the coming time I want to design even more and you can follow my design and crochet adventure at Yarnsea. Are you curious about the story behind my crochet patterns? I'd love to take you through my process.

Creative greetings, Eline

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