Maak kennis met Malissa

Meet Melissa

Who am I?

Unpredictable, Malissa's crochet world as a Blogger, but it's real, I get the chance to blog for a beautiful platform: Yarnsea. 

But first let me tell you a little more about me. My name is Malissa I am 29 years old. I myself work as a cared ig in the nursing home, where I work with a lot of love and pleasure. 

Besides my work, crocheting is my greatest passion and all the balls of wool make me very happy. Put me in a yarn store and I'm sweet. I crochet for about 3 years, I spoke with a colleague about crocheting and that made me enthusiastic, so enthusiastic that I bought a crochet hook and a ball of wool and started practicing. Of course it didn't work out in 1 go, my patch was stiff and didn't become square, afterwards thinking yes logical doesn't it become square and go pulling if you forget to loosen one time. 

The beginning of the crochet addiction

Anyway, finally grabbed YouTube and started looking for crocheting for beginners. Finally ended up with Vonne van Vonne's creations, and my very first project became an owl pillow. And it worked and that's how my crochet addiction started, because yes, that's how I can call it. 

I am sometimes asked what I like about crocheting? In the beginning I had to go there I thought about it for a while, but as I started crocheting more I discovered that I like to crochet scarves, blankets and garments. I think amigumi looks great and I do that sometimes, but I notice that I put it aside faster than a scarf or a blanket. 

Crochet projects

I also sometimes get the question or comment; Malissa why do you like so much about crocheting, that's old-fashioned, my grandmother did that too all the time. I always think that's a nice question because crocheting is becoming hip. You will see it more and more often, a crocheted scarf, a cardigan or something for the house.

Why do I like crochet so much? That you can transform a ball of wool into a beautiful project. Being busy with something creative gives me enormous satisfaction, and when a project is finished I am very proud of it. 

What can you expect from me in the blogs I will write? My way from a ball of wool to a project. I want to take you on my crochet adventure. My love for crochet, yarn and everything that comes with it.  

Social media

A few months ago I created an instagram account under the name Malissa's crochet world. There I share my adventure about the projects I work on  am crocheting. 

So! I have introduced myself and hope to take you along in the creative evening hours of Malissa's Haakwereld in the following blogs.

Dear crochet greetings, Malissa 

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Leuke blog lieve Malissa!!


Leuke blog lieve Malissa!!


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