Maak kennis met Michael

Meet Michael

Hi everybody

This is my first blog that I make for Yarnsea, so I thought it would be nice to introduce myself first.

So I'm Michael, also known as Mike from Mike's Creative World on youtube and instagram. I am 38 years old and live with my boyfriend and 4 cats. I work full-time in elderly care as a coordinating caretaker IG, and in addition to my care tasks, I have many other tasks / fields that I am involved in at work. In addition to working full-time in healthcare, I spend every free minute I have on being creative.

Being creative

I mainly crochet and knit, but I also like to do an occasional trip to macrame, or other creative things. Hence my name Mike's Creative World. So that I can really show everything in terms of creativity on my youtube channel.

In the blogs that I will write for Yarnsea, I will mainly focus on knitting and crochet, since Yarnsea is also fully involved in that. I can now say that I have extensive experience in this.
From making my own designs, to filming tutorials, but also testing patterns, I've almost done everything, and I don't shy away from a challenge. As Pippi Longstocking used to say, I've never done it, so I can! And that certainly applies to me. The more complicated something is, the more I enjoy doing it. I do like a challenge.

Crochet and knit

A question that I am often asked is how long I have been crocheting and knitting. And that's about 10 years now. I started knitting because I often saw my then neighbor across the street, who I often visited, also knitting. I found that very interesting at the time, and at one point I asked her if she could teach me that too. I then learned to knit with long needles under my arms, and I can tell you, my first knitting was a drama.
Mega tight, and therefore as stiff as a board, and in a mysterious way I managed to make 150 stitches from 50 stitches. It was really a complete mystery to me and her, how I had increased all those stitches. I now know from my years of experience how that came about.

After she taught me the basics of knitting, I started knitting one scarf after another, and at some point I got tired of it.
When I once again came to her for a cup of coffee, she was crocheting. And you know, I also found that very interesting. And again the question, if she could teach me that. What a drama again say crochet! Fiddle with a thread and a hook, trying to get it through the loop. It didn't work for a meter, and the crochet hook literally flew through the hut in frustration.
But like I said, I've never done it, so I can! Stiffly persevered, and suddenly I saw the light, and I could crochet.

I learned the basics from my neighbor, and through the internet and many Youtube videos, I learned everything, and my new hobby/addiction was born. I didn't knit anymore then either, because I was always messing around with those long needles. I also regularly knocked my glasses off my head, or got stuck in my clothes with the needles. So that was in the past.

A new world

Until I discovered continental knitting about 3 years ago and tried this. Then a world opened up for me, and I started to really enjoy knitting.
I now only knit with circular needles, and all kinds of things come off my needles, and knitting is also an addiction / hobby  become mine.

Because I am creative as a man, I soon caught the eye, and I was also flooded with questions. Because of this finally decided almost 4 years ago to start a youtube channel. That was scary in the beginning. Everyone sees you, and what are they going to think. A man who knits and crochets is not something you see very often these days. But my goal behind my videos was also to help raise awareness for the creative men. Because I'm really not the one  only man who knits and crochets.

In the meantime, some more well-known men have joined this creative world, but many are still, as I always say, still in the knitting / crochet closet.
But I've noticed, since I've been working on my youtube, that more men are showing their creativity, and I think that's really great.

And to show even more that it is also normal for men to be creative, I will also blog for Yarnsea here.

What will you read in my blogs?

Anything and everything that has to do with knitting and crochet.
Tips, tricks, things I run into, designs, how I make the combination of working as an employee, and working from home what I do for youtube. Because in the meantime Mike's Creative World has also become my own company, which I am still setting up, and I will also make a blog about that sometimes.

In short, enough to tell you and to show you. Anyone who already follows me knows that I am a huge chatterbox, and can really talk for hours about everything related to my creative hobbies. And that will also happen in my blogs for Yarnsea. As soon as someone also asks about my hobbies, I can really keep talking for hours, and I really enjoy that, and I also love learning other things and transferring knowledge.

But before I'm typing 6 pages here, I'm going to knit / crochet an end for now. I already have an idea for my next blog, and that is also something that is often asked questions. So  you go read here soon.

Many creative greetings,


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