Op mijn haakwolk

On my crochet cloud

Full of ideas

How difficult is it to choose a topic for a blog? As a crocheter and designer, my head is always overflowing with ideas. All day long it jumps up there from heel to branch, as the saying goes. In the strangest things, leaves or buildings, I see shapes. And those shapes then transform themselves in my head into all kinds of ideas. And it is not the case that it immediately turns into a design. No, that will take days, if not weeks.

Breath in breath out

I also have to work during the day, so that makes a difference, then I have a bit of distraction haha. And in the evening when I'm crocheting, then it's still fine. Especially when I'm working on a new design or have to count a pattern. That's good for my brain. Because then it seems to be a bit quieter. I say seems emphatically, because those cogs in my head never seem to stop. But when I'm in bed, the party really starts. I try not to think about it because I want to fall asleep. Lie still, take a deep breath. But no, those thoughts fill my head and it seems that I suddenly crocheted several projects like this.

Time trouble!

Somehow it always needs more time during the day ;-). Do you also suffer from that? In my mind I check which balls I still have lying around, how I can combine them and especially whether I have enough in stock. Otherwise, that means a trip to the wool store. Which is superfluous by the way, because I still have soooo much yarn lying around. I can start my own shop! Anyway, a visit to the wool shop is also very dangerous for me. I either take more than I need with me or I spontaneously get new ideas for which I really have to take that yarn with me now. Pfff. It should be an outing, but most of the time I find it very tiring anyway. Too many incentives? Mmmm, could that be it? I don't know, because all those balls always make me very happy. Feeling good, putting colors together of what the most beautiful combinations are for the project I would like to make. But that can also change once I have the balls in my house.

Choice stress

Lately I really try not to buy too much and also start designing with the balls I have at home. Okay, then sometimes I also have to buy a few extra balls, but then more will be removed from the stock than added. And I am especially proud when I can walk out of a wool shop with only the balls that I really need. But do you know how hard that is for me? But you may not have or recognize this "problem" at all. I have to say I'm a little jealous of you though. Because I think that gives you much more peace of mind. Then you probably have no choice stress and no whole stocks at home. And I will tell you…. I started crocheting for peace of mind. Pretty funny anyway.


The crocheting, especially the blankets, seemed very zen to me. Repetitive rows, endless crocheting on the couch, for hours. Yes, I was convinced that this hobby would give me peace. But yes, it's not really a hobby anymore, more of an addiction. And since I discovered designing, I crochet just a little more than before. And is that bad you will think? No, I don't think so. I just often sit “on my hook cloud”. That may sometimes be a bit uncomfortable for hubby. But he also does not get bored with all kinds of activities. And he only likes it for me. Sweet right? And that it is a little less quiet than I had thought in advance, I take that for granted. On the other hand, it's too much fun. So let me enjoy! And you see, a topic for a blog suddenly appears.

creative love,


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Wat leuk Dorine om dit te lezen dat je ook in een wolwinkel een bol kunt kopen. Ik probeer dat ook en nu maak ik een lijstje en ga ik pas als ik het echt nodig heb. Bij pakketten net als jouw kussen Fleur vind ik dat makkelijker als in mijn eigen voorraad spitten. Leuk en lief dat je man je steunt bij je"verslaving" Ik volg je ook al lang op insta vanaf de Haakster en zoals je weet altijd op jou gestemd. Succes met alles, waar je mee bezig bent Coby♥️

Coby de Crom

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