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Our first steps towards a platform

For several weeks now, some messages have come out in which we were mentioned. We therefore saw many questions about what we do and who we are exactly. All our time actually went into managing the launch of the first book on our platform, the book by Saskia better known as Juf Sas. Now that we have more time ourselves and have had a lot of contact with the first buyers of the book, we couldn't resist sharing who we are and what we do.

What we noticed during the start of the first book is the enormous amount of people who enthusiastically went to our website and bought Miss Sas's book there. After a lot of testing, we had hoped that everything would run perfectly. With a few hundred people per hour on the website, we saw the first messages coming in Juf Sas's Facebook group that something went wrong. We immediately shot into the starting blocks to ensure that it was resolved as quickly as possible. We were very excited to read the reactions, but were very relieved and happy with the way the entire community in the Facebook group interacted with us. We had to call a number of people to check the address details, on Facebook and Instagram we received personal messages because something went wrong with us. Yet everyone was so happy and sweet to us that we could not have imagined a better start. We immediately took the enormously good feedback we received about the payment method, order and shipping confirmations into account. Even though we haven't completely solved it yet, everyone who orders will receive their order properly. It is taking a little longer than intended, but we are also working on that.

We would therefore like to thank everyone who was part of the start of our platform and the first book by Juf Sas: Thank you!

What is Yarnsea?

As perhaps most of you have already seen, read or experienced, you can buy crochet books at Yarnsea. Offering books is a small part of what Yarnsea wants to do for this creative community. As a team we work together towards a platform where all crochet patterns can be found and where the crochet pattern designers are given the space to share their creative expressions. We do this in the form of books. Where previously a publisher and a substantial investment were required to publish a book, we offer a platform where every designer has the opportunity to publish a book in complete freedom. You do not need large numbers of patterns for this, it is also possible to publish with 1 pattern. We give everyone the chance to put together a book from different patterns. This way you no longer have to buy books for that one pattern that is in it and you can leave a nice message when you give the book as a gift. In the coming weeks we will also share more about our platform and what you can do on our platform.

Who is behind Yarnsea?

Yarnsea consists of a small team of software developers, designers and other creative people. With this team we try to make the platform a little better every day. But actually this team does not only consist of our small team. Every day we see creative people on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms who crochet the most special designs. Sweaters, cuddly toys, hats and all kinds of other cool creations. Without these creatives and designers it is impossible to get the right information to improve our platform. We therefore see the further development of our platform as a joint challenge. We will therefore regularly ask our followers, customers, partners and designers for feedback and input. Let's introduce ourselves. fltr:

  • Mikkie: ensures that it is easy for everyone to use the website. Whether you are 12 or 99.
  • Riccardo: ensures that technical systems of Yarnsea work properly
  • Robin: supports everyone and ensures that everyone works towards the same goal
  • Wierish: is working on a top secret project that we will tell you more about later
  • Navid (seated): ensures that the website looks nice
  • Quinten: is always busy collecting information to see how we can improve the website

Would you also like to provide feedback on our platform or would you like to publish patterns in books yourself? Send us a message on Instagram or Facebook or email us at info@yarnsea.com

Follow us on instagram at @Yarnsea or Facebook

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