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Juf Sas

Book Crocheting and knitting with Juf Sas nr 2

Book Crocheting and knitting with Juf Sas nr 2

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So happy with Miss Sas's second book. After the success of the first book, I've been busy designing and making new patterns for a second book. This book has become a mix of everything I like to crochet, fashion but also amigurumi. This time there are also two knitting patterns of a sweater and a wrap cardigan because I also really enjoy knitting. Just like you are used to from me with the first book, most patterns are also supported with accompanying videos with explanations and tips. You can find the videos by scanning the QR code and then you will immediately reach the right video where you will find more information about the crochet pattern. It has become a really happy Miss Sas book.

What crochet patterns are in this book:

Big, Beer, Haas , Kootje, Klaartje, Rammelaar Kootje, Priscilla, Sjaal Dagmar, Trui Rosanne , Trui Anna, Vest anna, Sjaal Betsy, Muts Betsy , Trui Cloud, Wikkelvest Cloud, Sjaal Gloria, Muts Frida, Muts Agnetha, and Handwarmers Agnetha


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