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Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart

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Welcome to the eight Hook to Hook pattern, published first in February 2021. “Having a Heart to Heart” is what came to mind with this pillow <3 Make this pillow for a loved one, for someone you’re fighting with to make it up, for Valentines day, for Mothers Day or Fathers Day: any day is a good fit for this lovely pillow.

This pattern is made my crocheting two separate squares for the front and back of the pillow. You start with one little square in the bottom of the heart, and spread to the outsides of the heart. Then you fill in the sids with triangles and add a white border. It’s one piece, no sewing. This technique used is the corner to corner crochet technique.

You can make this pattern with any material. When you choose, you have to keep the goal of the project in mind: if you make a wall hanger with 100% cotton, it will become heavy and the corner to corner technique will show holes then. If you pick very fuzzy yarn, the image will be less clear.

The pillow in the example is made with Stylecraft Special DK. This is a lovely budget premium acrylic yarn with a very soft touch. Stylecraft Special is available in a whopping 91 colours.

Tools: 3,5 mm crochet hook for the squares and 3 mm crochet hook for sewing the two squares together. You’ll also need scissors, measuring tape, stitch markers and a pillow of 50 by 50 cm.
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