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The fashion crochet book nr1 from JustDD-Design

The fashion crochet book nr1 from JustDD-Design

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The Fashion Crochet Book consists of 16 written crochet patterns. In this crochet book you will find fashion items that you can make yourself. You can easily combine your crocheted clothing with items from your wardrobe. From tops to cardigans from dresses to skirts and shawls and bags. Everything is in there. The crochet patterns can be crocheted / made for all sizes. Whether you have a size 34 or a size 56. Take your tape measure and you will crochet your clothes that fit you step by step. Attention dear ladies or gentlemen. It is not a confection that is described per size, but real customization that fits your body perfectly! Something that really suits you. Have fun crocheting and wearing Doris D. van der Waals JustDD design

What crochet patterns are in this book:

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