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Crochet Pattern: Lace Shawl by JustDD-Design

Crochet Pattern: Lace Shawl by JustDD-Design

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About the pattern

This shawl is crocheted over the short side and eventually becomes a wonderfully long shawl.
You cut the tassels to size before you start.
You can, for example, wind this around a pin and then cut it on one side.
Fold it in half and insert the folded point through the 5 V-ST later.
Once you have the folded point through the V-ST, pull the thread ends through the “loop” and pull tight.
You need 5.
You do this at the start when you have crocheted a few rows. Cutting tassels is the first thing you do!

Stitches used

L = Loose
ST = double crochet
V-ST = 2ST-2L-2ST in L-space
DST = Double treble crochet
2STS = Crochet 2ST together
3STS = Crochet 3DC together

used abbreviations

tr = stitch or stitches
KW = Times work
follow = next
skip = skip
row = row
VT = previous row

Used punctuation marks:

( ) is it actually what you crochet
** repeat this part
~~ repeat this part

Have fun crocheting Lace Shawl

JustDD design
Doris van der Waals

What do you need to crochet the Lace Shawl

Whirl by Scheepjes
Color on the photo 767 Melting Macaron
Crochet hook 3 mm
Blunt needle for threading

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