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Op De Haakwolk

Crochet pattern: Mosaic blanket from Op De Haakwolk

Crochet pattern: Mosaic blanket from Op De Haakwolk

Haakpatroon - Op De Haakwolk -

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About the pattern

You can never have enough blankets. Great to crawl under when it's a bit cold. Or you can let them hang casually over your couch. Or you stack them on a chair or bench, a pleasure to look at. Crocheting blankets is also a relaxing job. Always the same repetitions, the long rows. I think it's dellicious. This blanket has a nice size, 1.05 x 1.60 meters, to lay over you. But if you prefer to crawl further under it, you can of course easily make it wider and longer.

What do you need to crochet this mosaic blanket

- 5 skeins of Scheepjes Color Crafter Ostend
- 2 skeins of Scheepjes Color Crafter Heerenveen
- 1 skein of Scheepjes Color Crafter Burum
- Crochet hook 5.5
- Wool needle

About the designer

After Dorine won the HaakSTER 2020, she got the taste and continued to design. You can't imagine it, she crochets from amigurumi and homedeco to....everything. In addition to the patterns in her book Mosaic Hooks, you can also find her patterns on the site of Gek Op Haken or in Aan de Haak.

Pattern subject: Deken, Mozaiek, Mozaik, and Home

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