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Op De Haakwolk

Crochet pattern: Mosaic Scarf from Op de Haakwolk

Crochet pattern: Mosaic Scarf from Op de Haakwolk

Haakpatroon - Op De Haakwolk -

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About the pattern

Because you crochet the scarf in mosaic, it is quite dense. Pay particular attention to whether you use the right size crochet hook. The scarf should feel nice and smooth, but have no holes. Therefore, make some test pieces in advance with different sizes of crochet hooks so that you don't have to find out later that your scarf is too stiff or too open. You can easily make the scarf shorter or longer. And the finish is up to you. If you follow the pattern, the scarf will be 30 cm wide and 2.05 long.

What do you need to crochet the Mosaic scarf

- 5 skeins of Scheepjes softfun color 2426 (Lace)
- 5 skeins of Scheepjes softfun color 2602 (Slate Blue)
- Crochet hook 5
- Wool needle

About the designer

After Dorine won the HaakSTER 2020, she got the taste and continued to design. You can't imagine it, she crochets from amigurumi and homedeco to....everything. In addition to the patterns in her book Mosaic Hooks, you can also find her patterns on the site of Gek Op Haken or in Aan de Haak.

Pattern subject: Sjaal, Mozaik, Mozaiek, and Shawl

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