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Rattle Walrus

Rattle Walrus

Haakpatroon - HaakChateau - nl

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With this crochet pattern you can make this cute rattle yourself! The pattern is a PDF file that you can download after purchase. You need to know the following stitches and techniques to make the rattle: - Loose - Slip stitch - Fixed - Half double crochets - Chopsticks - Superiors - Cut down on - Spiral shape hooks - Crochet 'Patch' If you have any questions about the pattern, you can always contact me. I'd love to help you! Rattles made from this pattern may be sold. I would appreciate it very much if you do not publish the pattern (or parts of it) or resell it to third parties. Refer others to this shop so they can purchase their own pattern. Do you also take a look at my instagram? I wish you lots of crocheting fun! love, Esther @HaakChateau

Pattern subject: Walrus, Rammerlaar, Baby , and Amigurumi

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