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Een Mooi Gebaar



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You can make this project with any yarn. Please note when selecting yarn, that the material will have an influence on the final project. If you put the blanket as a wall hanging and use 100% cotton for example, it will become heavy and the “holes” will become enlarged. If you use very fuzzy yarn, the geometric pattern will be less noticeable. It’s all up to you of course!

The example was made with Scheepjes Colour Crafter, which is a gorgeous budget yarn in 100 gram balls, made with 100% premium acryl, with very soft to the touch feeling. Colour Crafter is available in 93 colours. Please use crochet hook 4 for the blanket and 3,5mm for the border. You’ll also need scissors, needle and stitch markers.

Small size 5 balls white yarn 1001, 5 balls blue yarn 1011 and one ball red 1123 or a colour of choice.

Bigger size 6 bolls of white yarn 1001, 6 bolls of blue 1011, one ball red 1123 for the small border and 2 balls red for the bigger border. Or a colour of your choice.
If you make the blanket in another size, you may need more or less yarn.

This blanket was tested by Irma (thank you!) in the short version. She used Wibra Saskia yarn, crochet hook 4,5 mm and 4 mm for the border, her measurement was 130 by 140 cm.
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