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Crochet pattern: Strawberrie top from JustDD-Design

Crochet pattern: Strawberrie top from JustDD-Design

Haakpatroon - JustDD -

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About the pattern

This top is crocheted top down and in one piece.
So you don't have to sew anything to get the result.
Each round is started with ch1 and then immediately the stitch described as first stitch.
As an example I will take round 4. Here is crochet 1CL. That is, work ch1 and then work a cluster directly into the stitch. So you do not first crochet 3 ch or 2 ch, but immediately a Cluster as described in the list “used stitches”.
Close all rounds with 1HS in the 1st ch you made to start the round unless stated otherwise.
Stitches used:

V Fixed
L Loose
HV Semi St
ST Stick
STS Double crochet together
CL Cluster (3 tr worked together in 1 stitch)
RSTV Embossed Stick Front
RSTA Embossed Stick Behind
Picot 3ch, close with 1sf in 1st ch)

Have fun crocheting Strawberrie top.

JustDD design
Doris van der Waals

What do you need to crochet Strawberrie top

-1 Whirl for size 36-38
Whirl + 1 whirlette for 40-44
- 2 Whirls for size 46-56
- Color in the photo 757 Strawberries and Scream
- Crochet hook 3.5mm
- Stitch marker

Pattern subject: Top and Fashion

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