Arbors Head and Neck Scarf
Arbors Head and Neck Scarf Arbors Head and Neck Scarf Arbors Head and Neck Scarf Arbors Head and Neck Scarf

Arbors Head and Neck Scarf

Pattern languages available: English (US)



Arbors is a classical and simple lace pattern that I first put into the shoulder panels of my Arbors Tee pattern. The Arbors Head & Neck Scarf came shortly after, as a great way to use scrap yarn and coordinate with the tee. It knits up in about 6 hours, so it makes a great, quick gift!

This project starts and ends with 3-stitch i-cord, which yields ties at the ends and makes up the edges of the project to help it keep its structure. Knit the first i-cord end for a few inches, and work some basic increases to widen the scarf. Lengthen the scarf, and once it's at its desired length, work decreases back down to the other i-cord tie!

Virtually any DK yarn, or DK equivalent, will work for this project. The sample in the photos used Kelbourne Woolens Scout DK yarn in Plum Heather. In the pattern, a light green sample was worked in a cotton-hemp blend called Hempathy; it yielded a slightly narrower finished piece. Since the i-cord edges limit stretch along the length of the object, cotton and hemp yarns, mohair, and even superwash merino will all yield final length close to the blocked one, as you work. Also, since only 15 grams of merino yarn will make a head scarf for an adult head, one 50-gram skein is plenty, no matter the fiber chosen.

Required skill level: beginner

The pattern exists in following languages:

  • English (US)

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