Cuddly Elephant

Cuddly Elephant

Pattern languages available: Dutch



With this crochet pattern you can make this nice cuddly toy yourself.
All materials needed are listed in the pattern, including which yarn I used.

You need to know the following stitches and techniques to make the cuddly toy:
- Loose
- Slip stitch
- Fixed
- Multiples
- Cut down on
- Spiral shape crochet

If you have any questions about the pattern, you can always contact me. I'm happy to help you!

Cuddly toys that you have made using this pattern may be sold. I would greatly appreciate it if you do not make the pattern public (or parts of it) or resell it to third parties. Refer others to this shop so they can purchase their own pattern.

I wish you lots of crocheting fun!
love, Esther

Required skill level: intermediate

The pattern exists in following languages:

  • Dutch

After your purchase, you'll have access to download the pattern in all available languages.

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