Kitsune Crochet Pattern
Kitsune Crochet Pattern Kitsune Crochet Pattern

Kitsune Crochet Pattern

Pattern languages available: English (US)

Pattern + KIT


Kitsune, the mythical fox from Japanese folklore known for its intelligence and magical abilities. This pattern is designed to bring a bit of enchantment into your crafting, offering a blend of tradition and imagination.

Crafted with care, this pattern guides you through each step to create a kitsune with fluffy tails, a symbol of wisdom and power in the tales that have captivated hearts for centuries. We've made sure that the instructions are clear and straightforward, using standard US crochet terminology, and making it accessible for crocheters at an intermediate level.

The finished kitsune is not just a crochet project but a piece of storytelling you can hold. Whether you're drawn to the lore surrounding these mystical creatures or simply love the idea of a fox with lush, multi-tailed elegance, this pattern is a gateway to bringing a piece of Japanese mythology into your home.

I encourage you to personalize your kitsune with different colors or small accessories to reflect its magical attributes. Whether it becomes a charming companion on your desk, a gift for a loved one fascinated by folklore, or a unique addition to your crochet collection, this kitsune is sure to bring a touch of magic to wherever it resides.

Embark on a crochet journey with our kitsune pattern and let your hooks weave not just yarn, but stories of enchantment and mystique.

Required skill level: intermediate

The pattern exists in following languages:

  • English (US)

After your purchase, you'll have access to download the pattern in all available languages.

The KIT contains:

  • Scheepjes Stonewashed Blue Apatite 805 x1
  • Scheepjes Stonewashed Red Jasper 807 x1
  • Scheepjes Stonewashed Smokey Quartz 802 x1
  • Scheepjes Softfun White 2412 x1

Based on your location, we'll strive to deliver the exact materials. If that's not possible, we'll provide the closest available substitute with your best interests in mind.

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