Starry Night - kisses
Starry Night - kisses Starry Night - kisses

Starry Night - kisses

Made by Verramade

Pattern languages available: Dutch

Pattern + KIT


Do you also see the stars shining in the sky? Meet the Starry Night cushion. A wonderfully soft and cuddly pillow that you can make in all kinds of colors. This just proves that you can do so much with crocheting, right? A little finishing touch could not be missed. Make the cushion to match your own interior and crochet a nice pillow for the couch in no time.

- Scheepjes Furry Tales
Yarn A: 970 (Snow White) x 1 ball
- Scheepjes Chunky Monkey
Yarn B: 1722 (Carolina Blue) x 1 ball
Yarn C: 1001 (White) x 1 ball
Yarn D: 2019 (Smoke) x 1 ball
- Crochet hook 5.5 and 6.0 mm
- Inner cushion 30 x 50 cm
- Wooden bead dia. 1 cm x 2

The pattern exists in following languages:

  • Dutch

After your purchase, you'll have access to download the pattern in all available languages.

The KIT contains:

  • Scheepjes Furry Tales Snow White 970 x1
  • Scheepjes Chunky Monkey Carolina Blue 1722 x1
  • Scheepjes Chunky Monkey White 1001 x1
  • Scheepjes Chunky Monkey Smoke 2019 x1

Based on your location, we'll strive to deliver the exact materials. If that's not possible, we'll provide the closest available substitute with your best interests in mind.

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