Crochet pattern for the Jolie shawl by teacher Sas

Crochet pattern for the Jolie shawl by teacher Sas

Made by Juf Sas

Pattern languages available: Dutch

Pattern + KIT


What a joy it was to crochet this shawl...the colors, the yarn, the combination. In short, I am ENTHUSIASTIC. Shawl Jolie has become a very cheerful spring shawl. The shawl is crocheted using 3 balls of Liberty, 3 balls of Sunshine, and 3 balls of Happiness in the colors lilac, mint, and orange.
I have written out the pattern for shawl Jolie and I have made a video with instructions so that crocheting this shawl should really work out. If you are going to crochet shawl Jolie, good luck!
What do you need for this shawl?
- 3 balls of Happiness (58 mint) (07 lilac) (59 orange)
- 3 balls of Liberty (58 mint) (07 lilac) (59 orange)
- 3 balls of Sunshine (58 mint) (07 lilac) (59 orange)
- crochet hook 6
- scissors
- tapestry needle
- optionally a label, see for more information about your own label

The pattern exists in following languages:

  • Dutch

After your purchase, you'll have access to download the pattern in all available languages.

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