Snowman Worry Worm Crochet Pattern
Snowman Worry Worm Crochet Pattern Snowman Worry Worm Crochet Pattern Snowman Worry Worm Crochet Pattern Snowman Worry Worm Crochet Pattern Snowman Worry Worm Crochet Pattern Snowman Worry Worm Crochet Pattern Snowman Worry Worm Crochet Pattern Snowman Worry Worm Crochet Pattern Snowman Worry Worm Crochet Pattern Snowman Worry Worm Crochet Pattern Snowman Worry Worm Crochet Pattern Snowman Worry Worm Crochet Pattern

Snowman Worry Worm Crochet Pattern

Pattern languages available: English (US)

Pattern + KIT


Are you looking for a small snowman to crochet? One that’s a quick make and has the added benefit of helping to relieve stress, anxiety & depression? Meet Winston, the Snowman Snuggler! He’s your tiny Christmas friend that’ll be more than happy to take away any worries you may have this time of the year. Just hold him tight, twirl him around with your fingers and feel the stress melt away :)

You can use this little Snowman Worry Worms as:

stocking stuffers for kids,
Christmas Tree decor,
Calming tools in classrooms,
Nursing home giveaways, or
you could hide them out & about for people to find during the festive season. I’ve designed some cute little tags for you to include with your worry worm act of kindness.

Materials Needed

Cotton yarn in white, black, red & orange. Either Lang Handarbeitsgarn (12 wpi) 100% cotton, Ricorumi DK 100% cotton, 25 g (57.5 m) or Lily’s Sugar & Cream from LoveCrafts.
Crochet hook size E (4.5 mm)
Trimits Toy Eyes Solid Black – 6mm, Goggly eyes, or black fiber art beads, or a permanent marker (see 15 worry worm eye options to choose from)
Fluffy cotton filling, fiberfill or a few strands of leftover yarn.
Plastic or organza baggies.
Printer & A4 paper to print your tags. You could choose to print your tags on cardstock to make them more durable.
Stitch markers or a piece of contrasting color yarn (optional)
A tapestry needle
A pair of scissors


MC = Magic Circle
ch = chain
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
sl st = slip stitch
st = stitch
sts = stitches
Sc2tog = sc decrease
fo = fasten off

Skill Level

Intermediate. Knowledge of how to crochet a Magic Circle is ideal. If you don’t know how to start with a MC, then simply start with a ch 2, then work R 1 into the second ch from your hook.


14 stitches and 8 rows = 10 cm in double crochet
If your Worry Worm looks narrow or not as full as you anticipated, try a heavier weight yarn. If you want your Worry Worm to be longer or shorter, just increase/decrease the number of stitches in your body chain.


This Snowman Worry Worm measures approx. 5.5 “ (14 cm) in height including the hat.


Weight: Approximately 9 g
Yardage: Approximately 15 yards


You can use any type of yarn as long as you have a corresponding crochet hook size (check yarn label for recommendations).
You can make the pattern larger or smaller by changing the type of yarn and/or hook size.
Numbers at the end of each row (in parentheses) indicate the number of final stitches in that row.
… means the contents inside these brackets will be repeated.
I wrote this pattern using the joining rounds method. You are welcome to work the head section in continuous rounds if you wish (I advise using a stitch marker in this case).
Ch 1 at the end of each round does not count as a stitch.
Please note that I use US crochet terms.
This product is for a CROCHET PATTERN only.

This is NOT for a finished physical item. Nothing will be shipped to you by post. You will download a digital file that you can save on your computer/tablet or cell phone.

NO RETURNS or REFUNDS will be issued on Instant Downloads after pattern/s have been downloaded.

This pattern explains how I make this project. It is NOT GUARANTEED that your finished project looks exactly the same. This will depend on a number of reasons: yarn and hook you use, your crocheting skills, style, tension, etc.

This pattern or its parts may not be REPLICATED, ALTERED, SHARED or RESOLD without permission.

You may SELL physical items made from this pattern, but please GIVE CREDIT to me as the designer (see below).

Rights are NOT transferrable.

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them for you before or after your purchase.

Design and photos are copyright of Start Crochet May Shehab © 2023.

A big THANK YOU to my Snowman Worry Worm Pattern Testers:
Laurene Leeseberg Bluder
Carol Schupp Danys
Dawn Sammer Fuhrman
Elizabeth Ann White
Laura Stark
Laurene Leeseberg Bluder
Michelle Silvester
Terri R. Hamilton

The pattern exists in following languages:

  • English (US)

After your purchase, you'll have access to download the pattern in all available languages.

The KIT contains:

  • Lang Yarns HANDARBEITSGARN 12/12 white 601 x1
  • Lang Yarns HANDARBEITSGARN 12/12 black 604 x1
  • Lang Yarns HANDARBEITSGARN 12/12 red 661 x1
  • Lang Yarns HANDARBEITSGARN 12/12 light orange 659 x1

Based on your location, we'll strive to deliver the exact materials. If that's not possible, we'll provide the closest available substitute with your best interests in mind.

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