Skyline The Hague

Skyline The Hague

Made by Pera Pasha

Pattern languages available: Dutch

Pattern + KIT


Give your creativity wings and weave the timeless beauty of the Delft skyline into black and white magic! Let your crochet hook dance over the contours of the canals, the charm of historic buildings, and the quiet elegance of Delft. Every stitch is a brushstroke, every loop tells a story. Discover the art of monochrome crochet and bring the iconic skyline of Delft to life in your own masterpiece. Let the silence of black and white speak for the city. Crochet the memory!”

This bed runner fits perfectly over the foot of a double bed, or can be used as a single blanket. The blanket has a size of approximately 70 x 190 cm (this may be different depending on the crochet method). The technique used to crochet this bed runner is overlay mosaic.

Required skill level: intermediate

The pattern exists in following languages:

  • Dutch

After your purchase, you'll have access to download the pattern in all available languages.

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